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                     SHRIMP BUCKET


LIVE SHRIMP are the number one preferred live bait by Sport fishermen wherever shrimp are found worldwide.

The Dry Hands DISPENSING SHRIMP Bucket is fast becoming the salt and brine water fishermen’s must have bucket.

Delivering ONE shrimp at a time into the palm of the

Fisherman’s hand, with very little water traveling with the shrimp when it arrives in his hand.


It’s wide base and low profile makes it nearly impossible to tip over on the beach, docks, piers, out on the water, or in transport. 


Comes standard with D-battery operated bubble stone aerator.


Insulated on sides and bottom with tough polyethylene foam that insulates and protects the plastic inner bucket.


Has full view see through blue tented top so the fisherman can see the shrimp about to be dispensed and to monitored the shrimp and water conditions at all times.

Ammonia build up caused by baits own fesses is the number one killer of nearly all aquatic baits and changing their water once or twice in a eight hour period in warm weather conditions is critical when fishing with shrimp in particular.

The SHRIMP bucket will also DISPENSE hundreds of other fresh and saltwater species of bait-fish making it the most versatile live aquatic bait bucket in the world.


The manufacturer likes to say it will dispense just about anything that swims or crawls in water that will come out the dispensing chute opening.  

Shrimp Bucket

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